I need some solid advice, guys. I also kind of need people to be nice to me about what I'm going to share because I'm feeling very raw. I'm coming to you because I've seen the amazing outpouring of support this community has shown its members and I'm hoping for just a little bit of that. And no mainpaging or daily dumping, if that needs to be said.

Right now, through my own irresponsibility and immaturity, I'm in a position where I need a significant amount of money by next week. I have a very close family friend who has acted as an aunt and mother figure since my mom died when I was a kid. I'm planning on asking her if she will lend me the money. She is a fairly well-off woman and has helped me out a lot in the past, but never in this fashion. I don't have many doubts that she will help me out if she can, but I'm still scared shitless and fucking ashamed to ask. I should be able to pay her back the money over the next couple of months.

Does anyone have advice for the best and most tactful way to ask to borrow money from family/friends when you're in a jam? If not, do you have any gifs that will distract me from feeling like a royal fuckup?